Find information below on the different types of protection we offer, or submit an enquiry to speak to one of our advisors for further information to discuss your needs.

Life Insurance

Having life cover is beneficial for your family should you, unfortunately, pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness at some point during your policy term. Your life insurance will offer a payout for your family, either in the form of a cash sum or regular benefits, depending on what you selected for your policy. 


If you’re wondering how much to put into your life insurance policy, the general rule is to cover 10 times the main income earner’s salary. Of course, you don’t have to stick to that exactly if your budget doesn’t allow for it. You can still get good coverage with a lower budget, but you should still aim to cover any outstanding debts, like a mortgage or other bank loan, as well as future spending, like university tuition for your kids or any expenses relating to a bereavement, i.e.,  funeral costs. 

Income Protection

Income protection is helpful in the event you become unable to work and lose your earnings. This could be due to an injury or health problem. If you are unable to earn money, your income protection will pay out a monthly benefit amount to help cover your lost wages. With income protection, you won’t have to worry about not being able to pay your monthly bills while you’re not working, removing the burden from your partner, and alleviating any stress for your family. 

Critical Illness Insurance

You need to protect your family in case you fall ill. Being able to focus your time and energy on recovering should be your priority, not worrying about paying the bills that don’t stop. In the event that you need a payout, your family will receive either a cash sum or regular benefits, depending on what you chose for your policy. This can help cover any bills, other outgoings, or any medical costs. 

Building and Contents Insurance

It’s common for mortgage lenders to push for buildings cover so you can properly protect your investment. After all, it is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your life. Protecting the structure of your home, including all permanent fixtures, should be on your list of priorities as a homeowner. 

The contents of your home should also have protection in the event of any major loss or damage. Anything that isn’t part of the building structure is covered under contents insurance. Having contents cover can help you to put your home back together the way it was, with the least amount of fuss possible.

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